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Batman: Arkham Origins Mobile is One of the Most Refined Battlers, Ever

Some would think that it is a marketing gimmick to get a simple mobile game based on a famous franchise in order to draw a lot of attention. That is only true to a certain extent -sure, fans of the series will be curious, but unless the game is good, they will not play it for a long time. This is why Batman: Arkham Origins is a particularly good game. We tip out hats off to the folks are Warner Interactive for creating a fighting game that is truly worthy of the caped crusader, and this is why.

Strong Opening

Batman Arkham Origins: Batman Fights Villain

The game starts out strong with a few pre-rendered CGI explaining the events that are unfolding, and the dramatic sequence is both telling, intriguing, and most importantly, breathtakingly so comic-inspired. If you ever needed a good background story on why Batman would be beating up villains in the streets of Gothan (aside from the fact that the scenario basically writes itself), Origins' main plot easily justifies why several of Batman's toughest foes have decided to ambush the Dark Knight in a single evening.

Great Combat Mechanics

Batman Arkham Origins: Villain Against Batman

Battles in Arkham Origins, for the most part, are easy. And when you are the Batman, it should rightfully be so. So no, this game will not be much of a challenge for veteran gamers, but for those who play on a more casual basis, this appgame will be enough to get your palms sweaty.

Combat is in real time and Batman faces off one foe at a time. If there are several enemies to beat, the Bat will have to fight them one after the other, surviving on a single life bar. This can be pretty challenging when it comes to dealing with the later part of the game where the player would have to face one boss after another.

Batman Arkham Origins: Assault Stance

The various special moves allow Batman to deal massive damage, stun or knock-down enemies, and even heal himself. These abilities can be used infinitely, and the only thing you would need is to wait for the cooldown to finish.

The two stances, offense and defense, provides the player with different special moves. Learn to strategize to know when the best time to switch stances and utilize abilities is -and this will be the key to achieving victory in the face of difficult odds. Continue Reading

Release Date: 16/10/2013

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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Excellent Graphics

Batman Arkham Origins: Fighting

The character models are more than just impressive, they are loyal to the comic books (of course, a little updated and re-textured to match with the overall visual aesthetic of Arkham Origins). Deathstroke's costumes are some of our favorite -especially the one where he does not wear the mask (revealing his eye-patch). Deadshot's costumes are also pretty cool too -and they even included the one that makes him look like a gunslinger from the wild west.

Speaking of costumes, Batman gets a pretty wide choice of suits as well. Aside from the basic Arkham Origins outfit which has several upgrades that you can acquire (it does not change visually, but the stats provide a useful increase), there are plenty of costumes based on the various alternate versions of the caped crusader. Our favorite, the Batman Beyond outfit (based on a future Batman named Terry who is trained by a now-old Bruce Wayne), provides players with a massive boost to the special powers cooldown period. Spec-wise, it is not the strongest suit in the game, but by allowing players to use abilities more often, it is undoubtedly one of the most destructive outfits. The only catch is that unlocking this costume will require a lot of patience or you would have to pony up some cash for the in-app purchase (for an otherwise free game, we highly recommend buying this suit once you get the hang of the game).

Worth Your While

Batman Arkham Origins: Batman goes in for the Punch

The game combines a series of pre-set matches and plenty of randomized missions designed to keep your fingers busy as you bash your way through Gotham's most dangerous sectors. With four chapters and an infinite supply of missions (also, keep an eye out for the ones that will reward you with premium credits), Arkham Origins provides any mobile fighting gamer with a satisfying volume of baddies to beat up. Also, the constant presence of boss and vanilla matches ensures that no matter what kind of battle you feel like having (something just to keep you entertained, or something a little more challenging to keep you on your toes), you can be sure that this game will provide it.

We give Batman: Arkham Origins a score of: 91/100


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Batman Arkham Origins is developed by Warner Bros. International Enterprises.