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Batman Arkham City Lockdown

The inmates have escaped and Batman has his hands full defeating an army of henchmen and some of his most iconic villains. Scour the rooftops and the seedy underbelly of Gotham City through a series of one-on-one battles with The Joker, Two-Face and more, as well as the Batman: Arkham City Lockdown exclusive - Deathstroke. Choose from several Batman skins and power-ups as you punch, kick and combo your way to cleaning up Gotham City. Continue Reading

Release Date: 08/12/2011

App Store Rating: 3.7/5

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Batman Arkham City Lockdown Mobile Game: Get Some Old School Action

It has been a while since the release of Arkham City Lockdown and the game is still as fun to play today as it did when it was newly released back in 2011 for the iOS: engaging and satisfying, as long as you are a fan of the Dark Knight. Otherwise, you might want to try a game that’s a little less dated and featuring a theme you prefer. This game focuses heavily on its source material, the console game Arkham City, and serves as a bit of a side story to the actual events of the main game.


Batman Arkham City Lockdown Mobile Game: Batman takes on some goons

A massive prison break instigated by Joker brings several of Batman’s worst enemies into the streets of Gotham and it is up to the caped crusader to clean things up. Two-Face, Solomon Grundy, Poison Ivy, Deathstroke, and several other iconic baddies serve as the game’s main bosses. Players will find themselves playing a mostly linear style game with Batman methodically dispatching one foe at a time. Most of the fun here is figuring which combos are most effective and learning how incredibly useful the deflect and counter abilities can be. Once you’re beating up enemies with utter efficiency, the boss encounters will test your newfound skills, then you get set for another stage with more baddies and more boss fights. Basically, this sounds like a game that Bruce Wayne might approve of.

How it Looks and Sounds

Batman Arkham City Lockdown Mobile Game: Batman takes on a menacing clown

This game is gorgeous -for a mobile game that is. The 3D character models are well detailed and the animations look surprisingly smooth. Considering that this is the Netherealms game that pre-dated both Injustice: Gods Among Us, and the Arkham Origins Prequel, we have to say that we are truly impressed with the way the game was made. One could say that you could instantly see the visual direction of the developers.

Batman Arkham City Lockdown Mobile Game: Play as the Bat himself

The animations are a big deal since you barely get to see much of the game’s backgrounds and sceneries. Aside from a few realtime cutscenes, the limited camera angles means that you end up focusing entirely on Batman (and more often than not, his back) and one foe at any given time. So that life of the game comes from how they move during combat. The object collisions and particle effects are well placed making each punch and kick feel solid. We also suggest tuning up the volume for this game. Landing good hits makes crunching sound effects that will totally pull you into the fight (and wait until you pull off a successful counter that has Batman snapping an opponent’s limb).

Batman Arkham City Lockdown Mobile Game: Choose different skins

Speaking of audio, the game is full of excellent voice work -which is always a massive plus with Warner/DC games (compared to Marvel titles). The title screen alone has its own set of dialogue that further divulge into the story. And yes, Kevin Conroy did the voice for Batman, and Mark Hamill voiced Joker so expect the dialogues to have that authentic DC feel. And for the record, Kevin Conroy will always be the best Batman voice -ever.

Well Worth the Cost

Batman Arkham City Lockdown Mobile Game: More skins for batman

For a paid game, we are a little surprised that the costumes can get a little costly IAP-wise (after all, the game itself is not cheap). But aside from that, we highly recommend Batman fans to get this game (if they somehow managed to pass it up). Sure, it is not as “new” as Origins, or the New 52 JL game, but this is an Arkham series title and that alone merits this game a full play. Even if you already played and finished the console versions, Lockdown is a game on its’ own, with its unique set of controls and gameplay mechanics. While we do not get anything in terms of investigating and exploration, the pure focus on combat is something that works quite well with the bat.

Batman Arkham City Lockdown Mobile Game: Enhance Batman's Arsenal

There is a lot of grinding to be done however, and that does turn into a bit of a peeve for players who already shelled out a bit of cash. Earning Wayne Tech points is not an easy task and adds further cost to the game. We suggest just dishing out a little more for your favorite costume (they have everything from Year One to the Terry McGinnis Beyond outfit) and just enjoying the game in a straightforward manner. Completionists will appreciate the sheer amount of stuff to unlock in the game, which adds even more play hours.

Batman Arkham City Lockdown Mobile Game: Tonnes of extra content

The Arkham series is a big favorite for Batman fans, and it is not surprising: the grittier visual style and creative storytelling makes us all want to join in on the fun. Arkham City Lockdown is no exception to that rule -and anything that brings that much gameplay fun to the mobile is always welcome in our book.

We give Batman: Arkham City Lockdown a score of: 90/100

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Batman Arkham City Lockdown is developed by Warner Bros. International Enterprises.

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