The Best Mobile Fighting Games for Android & iOS

You could say there's an over supply of high quality mobile fighting games on both android and ios. With big studios all too eager to churn new ones out and abandon old ones at the drop of a hat. Here today, gone tomorrow (like Soulcalibur). Below are some of the best titles that have stood the test of time and managed to survive on either store without the developer's ruthlessly yanking them without any notice.

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Skullgirls: Stunning Hand Drawn Characters, Highly Original Fighting MovesSkullgirls: Fighting RPG

8 years after it's initial release on the Playstation Network and Xbox Arcade Skullgirls finally gets a mobile port and the developers haven't disappointed with most of what has made the fighting game such a hit on consoles carrying through to Android and iOS devices. The game delivers fast paced fighting action that wows both beginners and advanced players with a fighting system which patronises neither. The hand drawn graphics with frame by frame animation delivers stunning visuals that are a delight to watch while taking part in the battle. Each character's special moves are a fighting fans pure dream to behold. Custom controls that are designed specifically for mobile carry through the many moves you can pull off from consoles through to mobile while their are six modes to choose from including versus, story and prize fight modes.

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Garou: Mark of the WolvesGarou: Mark of the Wolves

SNK's has set the finale chapter of their iconic Fatal Fury series with Garou: Mark of the Wolves. The story is set a full 10 years after Geese Howard's death and sees much of the original cast changed. Players are introduced to a lot of new characters -most notably, the enigmatic new lead character, Rock Howard. While the game is officially the conclusion of Fatal Fury, the gameplay is based more on King of Fighters (which is not such a bad thing since SNK has been mix and matching combat mechanics for a while now).

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The King of Fighters 2012The King of Fighters 2012

Fighting game fans are definitely familiar with SNK's King of Fighters series. After all, it is one of the largest fight game titles by one of the top game developers in the genre. Of course, the 2012 version of the game is quite old in a relative sense, but it still has a great roster of fighters, timelessly beautiful sprites and animations, a kick ass soundtrack, and despite the limitations of a mobile device, it actually delivers satisfying team or solo combat as well. It is still a far cry from the experience one gets from the console or arcade versions, for a portable KoF game, this one is pretty good.

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Ultimate Fighting Bros 2

Ultimate Fighting Bros 2

A Fighter that will Have You Slamming Things Down

It would be easy to dismiss UFB: Ultra Fighting Bros as just another mobile game because of its very basic gameplay mechanics. But basic does not necessarily mean shallow (and there are plenty of games out there with complex mechanics but shallow gameplay). On the other hand, while the mechanics for UFB are basic, the kinds of challenges that it can provide comes in many layers. This game takes a lot more than just mindless tapping -you need to be able to combine speed and accuracy with wit and tactics in order to secure a win. The only move allowed is a piledriver, so it is up to you to smash your opponent headfirst into the ground as many times as possible.

Wall Grab and Jump

The game is played by two fighters that are hanging unto walls. They jump at each other and the first fighter to grab the other will initiate a piledriver attack. When both fighters jump at the same time, the attack is awarded to the fighter who has the higher altitude at the moment of interception. Each fighter starts out with three lives and each piledriver received will reduce this count by one. The match is won by the fighter who manages to deplete their opponent's lives.

To play the game, players simply need to hold the screen in order initiate a jump. Before jumping, a moving indicator will appear for as long as the screen is held. Once the indicator points in the direction you want to jump to, release and the fighter will automatically jump. Jumps are done at arching angles, so players should approximate the general trajectory of their fighter before jumping.

If you hit the floor, the fighter will slow down and depending on the inertia of the jump, will roll towards one of the walls and hang on to it. Hitting the upper border of the stage will abruptly alter the course of the jump. In both cases, the fighter will be left vulnerable to attack, so it is not advisable to keep bumping around.

Lots of Strategies

Simply jumping around randomly is never a good idea. Players should always try and move towards more advantageous positions in order to secure a good grab. Launching straight at an enemy can often be unavoidable, but it helps to try and get a high arching jump in order to make an intercept from above. Of course, timing the jumps is not easy, so expect to find yourself chasing after the enemy on later stages of the game.

Getting used to the gameplay is pretty easy -the first couple of stages will have an AI that is not aggressive at all. While you can still lose, a small bit of effort will be all it takes to win these matches. So this is the part where you get to see the feel and flow of the game. After that, the opponents you face will start getting a little bit smarter -trying to use combinations of high and low angle jumps in order to get above you. Their patterns make for a good reference on how to score attacks and safely defend against being grabbed.

It goes without saying that it is foolish to just jump randomly without checking the indicator. The opposite holds true as well, you need to fast and accurate with jumps -if you take too long to decide how to jump, your fighter will be vulnerable to attack. After all, a fighter hanging on a wall can be grabbed regardless of the direction of the attack.


The game's controls are very simple, and as such, there is no need for clunky onscreen joysticks or action buttons. While this means that movement may seem limited, the current system already allows you to pretty much jump anywhere on the ring. It is a clever mechanic that works well with the flow and feel of the game. It is also quite responsive, so making those last second jumps is possible thanks to the game's overall performance.

The graphics are not all that grand or special, but it works perfect for a game like UFB: Ultra Fighting Bros. At the end of the day, this is still a very silly game with a ridiculous premise. And when you are spending hours piledriving enemies into submission, it is better to do so with a game that does not take itself too seriously than one that does.

The music feels a little bit too hyper or forced at times, so it is not really all that good to listen to. On the other hand, the sound effects are just perfect. It really helps set the mood when you hear the fighters whooshing in the air, and of course, that satisfying crunch-like sound when you piledrive a foe.

Tap In, Tap Out

UFB: Ultra Fighting Bros is a very fun game that is meant to be played in small bits. Playing it for lots of hours on end is okay, but the repetitiveness of the controls will certainly be felt. This is an action game meant to for those small free moments of time that you can spare to do battle with. It is designed to be just enough for a few rounds of UFB but not enough for pretty much anything else -not to say that you will not want to fight the tougher AI in the later parts of the game over and over again.

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Injustice Gods Amoung Us: Still Amazing even on MobileInjustice Gods Amoung Us

Having the Man of Steel as your antagonist is not a new thing in the DC universe, it is a topic that has been touched upon various times (Justice Lords and similar stories), but this is certainly the first time that a game centers on it. The result is an epic clash between Batman and Superman –and the various heroes and villains who took different sides. The events, of course, are not canon to the main DC storyline, but there is an accompanying prequel comic series that puts the background narrative of Injustice: Gods Among Us into closer detail.

For everyone who expects a game with Green Lantern, Captain Marvel, the Flash and other well known superheroes to be a feel good thing: think again. The “Gods Among Us” in the title literally refers to the impact that these super powered beings have in a world that is still mostly populated by normal humans. And by impact, we mean what would happen if they finally decide to take charge.

So what really happens? All the heroes doing their regular thing: being the heroes that everyone looks up to. But when the Joker decides to kill Lois Lane (along with her unborn child), and then blows up Metropolis with a nuke, Superman loses it. While Batman has been more adjusted to dealing with tragedy, the last son of Krypton has never truly tasted loss first hand –and it is this event that serves as a catalyst for his decision to do everything he can so that all conflicts all over the world to stop.

And when a man with super strength, super speed, flight, and near invulnerability decides to be in charge, things can get really bad. And by bad, we mean that other heroes (and some villains) also decide to join and help him.

What’s left are the other heroes (and other villains) who think that a dictatorship enforced by Superman is a bad thing. And thus we have a clash of epic proportions.

Complex combo systems have been chucked out the window in favor of simplistic screen tapping, and while it seems a little to basic, it actually works. After all, you cannot expect to pull off complex joystick motions properly on a touch screen, not to mention all the careful button pressing that most fighting game require. The result is a fighting system that allows the players to focus more on planning and strategizing than simply being all aggressive and pulling off one super move after another.

Simplified Combat, Epic Fun!

Injustice Gods Among Us Mobile: The Flash

Injustice Gods Among Us also has plenty of replay value thanks to the impressive visuals (you won’t get tired of seeing the graphics on this app game- they all look close to console quality), collectible cards, smooth combat animations, and surprisingly, darn good music (the score is a thrill to listen to as they fit the various emotions of the game quite well). While collecting everything in game is a hard task (accumulating enough game credits is a slow task), the effort will at least be entertaining and fun for everyone. Of course, it goes without saying that despite how good this game is, you would have to be a fan of DC to fully appreciate it.

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Street Fighter X Tekken MobileStreet Fighter X Tekken Mobile

Street Fighter X Tekken finally sees the best of Capcom's 2D world warriors going up against Tekken's iconic 3D tournament contenders. The result is naturally enough to make fans of both sides salivate (and let's face it, if you love fighting games, you love them both). And while the console version of this game is downright awesome, it still makes us wonder how the mobile version would fare. After all, the touchscreen is certainly the least suited input device for the accuracy-heavy needs of a fighting game. Read our review to see if SFxT's mobile version manages to surpass this obstacle.

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Mortal Kombat XMortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X is no ordinary fighting game. Aside from being the latest in a massive franchise, the console version of the game also takes in a lot of improvements from other games as well (mostly from the DC-licensed Injustice: Gods Among Us), and as well as MK's previous iterations. The app version of the game is plenty scaled down of course, but it is still pretty intense. The result is an incredible app that has plenty of depth, a myriad of complex yet interesting fighters, and a battle mechanic that manages to stay true to its roots while also being streamlined and improved dozens of times over.

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Gods of RomeGods of Rome

Mobile fighting game Gods of Rome makes use of tried and tested controls, a large roster of characters, and above-average visuals in order to make a mark. The result is a fighting game that actually manages to look impressive and play decently on the mobile platform. At its weakest, Gods of Rome tends to focus too heavily on weekly events and less on balancing fighters. At its best, players can simply concentrate on enjoying the interesting matchups they can make with an impressive list of fighters. The triumvirate of the Greek pantheon, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon, go head to head with titans, monsters, heroes, and demigods in this one of a kind brawlfest.

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