I Hate My Neighbours Game

Coming in June 2015: A Game Where You Can Get Your Own Back on An Annoying Neighbour

Many of us hate atleast one of our neighbours in reality. Whether they are incredibly noisy, nosy or just looking for an excuse to have a go at us neighbours can be an absolute nightmare.

If you have just about had enough of yours and you sat there thinking, 'I hate my neighbours but what the hell can I do about them?' then just open up your web browser or mobile device and play this game!

You get to choose from over 20 different ways to kill your neighbour and unleash that built up tension and anger onto a game rather than opting for a real course of action you later could regret.

We don't advocate violence against any neighbour, if you really hate them that much, you should learn to switch off from them all together and try to ignore their insults, their threats, their harassment or call the police if ignoring them doesn't do the trick!

Just be sure to catch them on camera doing whatever nasty thing it is they do to you so you have evidence to prove their bad behaviour to the police as no doubtedly they will lie otherwise until their blue in the face.

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