How to Kill Your Boss Game

Whack Your Boss 24 Ways

Are you looking for a way in how to kill your boss? Then look no further than this hilarious game by Doodie cartoons. Doodie have created a cartoon called 'Don't Whack Your Boss'. The game title originally was just three words, but 'Don't' was added because of fear of reprisals from do gooders who would complain how the cartoon's message was encouraging employees to do just that, whack their boss!

The how to kill your boss game features 20 different ways to whack the boss. The boss is lurking nearby and it's not long before who approaches your desk and starts to talk about all sorts of demotivating issues concerning your work ethic and your job! He jabbers on for some time so if he is annoying you, quickly pick an item from around your little cubicle office to kill him with. My favourite is to throw him out of the office building window on his chair! See which is your favourite method of disposing of him now by playing this funny cartoon game.

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