Hobo 3: Wanted Game

hobo 3: wanted

There are only so many things one can actually write about a Homeless man on a killing spree (though I’m sure any 24-hour news channel would accept this challenge and run with it for months), so I’ll go ahead and boil it down to the essentials from an already limited trove of comments I have in my mind. Playing through the game it is identical to the previous two games and I’m sure this similar style of gameplay will continue with refreshing consistency through to the last of the series of ‘Hobo’ games.  The most you have to do is control the direction of the Hobo and the varying combinations of moves you have at your disposal, which increase as you progress through the game and are conveniently available to view on the pause menu should you forget .

There are yet again fresh new combinations available in the third instalment, of which let me assure you none can actually be described as fresh in the pleasant, well-preserved sense. I’m talking about moderate abuse and manipulation of the body and its functions in order to produce an incapacitating effect on your enemy. Such vapid moves are the eyeball launch (a visit to the opticians seems sensible in this case) with combo ‘AD’, SD for the more traditional and less disturbing body-blow and ASD brings us back to the unusual fighting style of licking your opponent. No doubt the enemy would die from resulting disease if the hobo’s breath hasn’t already sent him to the beyond.

Weapons such as guns feature more heavily in this instalment, and while these aren’t a new feature, there are more opportunities to use them in this game. You get the opportunity to wield pistols, mp5s and even shotguns due to the increased capability of your opponents which range from casual passers-by to armoured cars and police officers. You face more enemy vehicles in this game and the final showdown sees you going head to rotary blade with a helicopter: In spite of his constantly- deteriorating situation, this hobo really does have a lot of misplaced confidence.

In spite of the above developments, I had no problems with progressing through the levels with the generous amount of health you possess.  This prevents massively frustrating outbursts of misdirected anger towards the nearest and most expensive piece of electronic equipment, which is likely to be the very PC with which you are playing the game in the first place. Don’t hit your computer; it upsets the motherboard and if you’re running Vista, hasn’t your computer suffered enough?

I can do nothing else but sum up the 3rd in Seething Swarm's popular scrappy Hobo series: it is incredibly fun and light-hearted, it’s certainly easy, it’s entertaining without a doubt but it’s definitely getting a tad repetitive by the third instalment of a series which doesn’t change very much each with each new episode. For those of you whose experience of ‘Hobo 3’ is their first dealing with the ‘Hobo’ series, you will probably be more entertained by this game than I was. If you only take one point away from this review, let it be this: it is an excellent game which is fun to play, but I don’t know how much longer I can be entertained by the same concept served up in only a slightly more fanciful way than its predecessor; those of us who have seen Rocky V will know what I’m talking about.

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