Hobo 2: Prison Brawl Game

hobo 2: prison brawl

‘Armor games’ appears to be onto a winner here; such was the apparent success and originality of the first ‘Hobo’ (unadulterated Hobo-related violence before it was cool), the world has now been presented with a mildly-anticipated (or at least sometimes-enjoyed)second-helping of light-hearted homeless fun. Set in the glorious confines of a generic-looking jail where we last saw him, our famous Hobo’s luck appears to have deteriorated since he finds himself waking up in possibly the only place worse than in the gutter: in the dirty confines of a cramped prison cell.

As Morgan Freeman once said smoothly during his time in Shawshank prison, “Prison time is slow time, so you do what you can to keep going”. Our loveable, homeless and unfortunately incarcerated man feels the best pastime is to continue his previous antics and systematically take on the entire prison population one or two at a time with all the style of Mortal Kombat, but with none of the brutal decapitation that made the game a little too real for the younger audiences.  This is no Shawshank redemption, and contrary to Morgan Freeman’s wise and haunting words, our hobo feels that it is blood, and not the more inspirational and idealistic idea of hope, that will set him free.

Playing the game is identical to playing the original; the controls haven’t changed, the format is as simple as ever and our homeless man remains positive and undeterred by his recent imprisonment. Remember, this is because you are the one controlling him and making him do what he does; such is the point of gaming in general and of any game that has ever been created in the world up until this point, and it is likely to proceed in this manner for the foreseeable future. Oh and I may have forgotten to mention that you can pick up other implements such as weapons left carelessly around as a result of severe and repeated clerical error (who is in charge of this establishment?) and the guns that the guards occasionally drop.  Everyone loves the occasional firearm.

You start from where you left off in the first game, with all fighting combinations that a standard beatem up game would possess. In addition to the special moves found in the original, we have some additional offering such as rudely urinating on your opponent ( ASS keys to perform), turbo-vomit (ASAS) and aggressively defecating without shame (SASA). As you can see, he appears as violent and comfortable with his body as ever. After all, this is pretty much half the fun; the other half is getting to throw fists, legs and extremities in general at whoever comes your way. I’m not in the least a violent person, but give me a keyboard and an enemy, and a fair bit of fisticuffs will ensue, probably in black and white and in the manner of a 1930s film; the decade in which the phrase ‘fisticuffs’ was last used.

The actual gameplay is a tad more difficult than in the first ‘Hobo’’, though it in no way hits my entertainment bone any less. The action is more constant due to the confined nature of your surroundings, and the increased tendency for violence in your opponents who are now exclusively other inmates and prison guard. It seems unwise of a recently-imprisoned hobo that is already down on his luck to provoke further attacks and violence, but this man seems to enjoy playing the odds on a grand scale. It’s difficult to judge whether eventually escaping after the final showdown counts as a victory or is simply another charge to add to his criminal record.

There isn’t an awful lot more to say about this game aside from the fact that if you liked the original ‘Hobo’, then you’ll be thrilled to continue the devastation with the scenic backdrop of a questionable-looking prison. I enjoyed the original, and I further enjoyed this game’s change of venue yet sensible continuation of the original style. Unlock the moves, cause a bit of light havoc and see how much fun you can get from it. But before you do, take a moment of silence to think about our Hobo, whose luck has deteriorated since being simply homeless and free, and is now throwing fists about in prison for your entertainment. You can’t buy him with spare change; he wants your life, and he’s coming to take it from you like only a poorly-dressed homeless man can.

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