Hobo: The Original Drunken Bum Game

hobo: the original drunken bum game

In Hobo your character disgustingly yet quite hilariously incorporates spitting, burping and other bodily functions into his special moves, which are activated by using action buttons of various combinations in quick succession. At risk of issuing spoilers, we have the following moves: Spit: AAS, Mucous Shower: SSA, Burp: AS, Carefully-aimed Rectal gust: SA, ASA is your standard vomit attack (a classic hobo move seen used by a tramp near you!) and finally SAS sees our hobo use his bowels to his full advantage, taking what was previously an (almost) harmless fart one step further and pretty much just launching faeces at his opponent. No one ever said being homeless was glamorous.

You have the ability to pick up items to use as weapons (glass bottles, trash cans) in the style of Streets of Rage (a game that servers as the comparator that sits on its own pedestal when reviewing beat-em-ups)and you even encounter enemies in the very same way. Of these enemies you encounter in your unreasonably aggressive quest, there are mainly your generic-type foes such as casual strollers, other homeless men, comically intoxicated stoners in 'Stoner Park' and anyone else unfortunate enough to be roaming the streets at the time. Some of the more disgruntled generic people have the remarkable ability to not put up with your insane behaviour and actually use weapons against you; these foes can prove harder than others to defeat. Even innocent bystanders become targets in this game. Apparently there isn't a hobo code of honour about these sorts of things; I struggle to be surprised at this.

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