Hobo 7: Ascend to Heaven to Take on God!

hobo 7 heaven beatem up by armor games

Hobo is back and for the last time and what a last time is shall be. After defeating Satan himself Hobo falls asleep and wakes up in heaven. Perhaps his reward was the ultimate chance of paradise or maybe God has something else in store for him, perhaps a test against his angels?

As usual Hobo has plenty of disgusting attacks up his sleeve, a lot of these skills are shown at the beginning and are already unlocked, the angel wings and the halo throw can be learn easily leaving the two mystery skills:


  • Spit: A,A,S – To spit into your opponents face
  • Snort: S,S,A – To sniff a load of snot into your opponents face
  • Belch: A,S – Belch toxic gas at your enemy
  • Vomit: A,S,A – Puke all over someone
  • Fart: S,A – Fart in someone’s face
  • Crap: S,A,S – Crap all over someone
  • Belly Bounce: S,D – Bounce someone with your belly
  • Reverse Fart: S,D,S – Reverse fart at an opponent
  • Eyeball Pop: A,D – Hit someone with your eyeballs as they stretch out of their sockets
  • Head Snap & Eyeball Pop: A,D,S – Like eyeball pop except your head comes off at the neck so you get greater reach on your opponent
  • Pee: A,S,S – Urinate all over your opponent
  • Super Belch: A,S,A,S – Emmitt a far more powerful belch which stretches right across the screen
  • Super Fart: S,A,S,A – Emmitt a far more powerful fart that again reaches all the way across the screen
  • Super Belch & Super Fart: S,A,D - Hit people with the ultimate double whammy a super fart and super belch which cover multiple angles!
  • Super Pee: A,S,S,A  - Emmitt’s a massively thick pee that stretches across the screen
  • Fire Belch: A,S,W - Burn people by belching fire
  • Fire Fart: S,A,W - Burn people with the ultimate fire fart
  • Molten Fart: S,A,W,S - Annihilate your enemies with a molten rock that comes out of your backside (what a sight this one is!)
  • Halo Toss: A,W – Throw a Halo like a boomerang at your enemies
  • Glide With Wings: S,D,A – Allow Hobo to fly with angel wings and belly attack people

Hobo heaven features many different opponents including bald angels that shoot yellow beams of light out of their eyes, clouds that electrocute you, teleporting angels with swords (by the way you can pick up and use a sword too!) and even God himself which is quite the encounter!

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