Hit Your Boss Game

About the Game

There's trouble brewing in the office as your irritating boss is out to demoralise you and turn your day upside down. With so many things changing about your job (all negative) your boss takes the opportunity to really have a rant at you and test your self constraint. Of course this is not reality so self constraint can go out the window. As soon as you feel the urge to hit your boss over the head with a dust bin or throw him out of the office building window on your chair don't hesisitate to make it happen.

In this brutal animated game your aim is simple, to find all 20 ways to whack your boss. There are all sorts of little objects around the room to hit your boss with so you are literally spoilt for choice. Enjoy hitting your boss and dealing with your anger thanks to Doodie cartoons.

Whack Your Boss 24 Ways Play Whack Your Boss