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8-Bit Crossover Chaos

Mayhem, chaos and outright confusion, these are exactly what you will see and feel once you dive into the world of Domo-kun Angry Smashfest. Get ready to experience classic arcade gaming in a way you have never experienced it before. With a collection of different mini-games that can make any old school gaming fan happy, Domokun Angry Smashfest is a game like no other.

Domokun is not just a game where you whack things (although that’s what we love most about it!), it has other types of games where you also get to shoot, whack and smash your unfortunate victim to mere inches of their life. While the game does look childish, with its colorful characters and whimsical music, players must not be fooled. This game has some really challenging mini-games that can test any professional gamer’s skill. Are you ready to be part of the golden age of gaming, when arcades were the place to be when you wanted to play videogames?

The History of Domo-kun

Domo-kun is the official mascot of a Japanese television network called NHK. Domo-kun first appeared in short stop-motion sketches on December 22, 1998 to mark the 10th anniversary of NHK's satellite broadcasting. Domo-kun is a strange creature that hatched from and egg with a rectangular brown body and a huge mouth with saw-like teeth. It is not clear what Domo-kun’s gender is so we will just assume that he is male, since his body’s color is brown. He does not speak but rather makes noises that other characters seem to understand. He became widely popular not just in Japan but also in western countries, mainly due to his cute and lovable appearance – despite his scary sharp saw-like teeth. Domokun Angry Smashfest apparently was created as a fan game for Domo-kun.

The Adventures of Domo-kun

The story begins when Domo-kun overhears the Powerpuff girls – Yes, the three super powered girls from Saturday morning cartoons, plotting to get rid of Little Mac – the star of the game Punch Out. They seem to be working under orders from some mysterious evil leader; unfortunately Domo-kun was not able to find out who was behind the assassination plot. Later that day, Domo-kun attempted to save Little Mac from the Powerpuff girls’ murderous plot, but ended up killing Little Mac by accident. Domo-kun was reprimanded by his parents and was grounded in his room, only to be called out by one of the Powerpuff girls. The Powerpuff girls are planning more diabolical schemes and it is up to our hero Domo-kun to stop them.

Classical Games for Modern Gamers

Domokun Angry Smashfest consists of multiple mini-games; all derived from classic old school arcade games such as Whack a Mole, Gradius, and Double Dragon. As the story unfolds, players must take control of Domo-kun as he tries to stop the Powerpuff girls from creating more chaos and destruction.

The first mini-game you must play is similar to the game Whack a Mole, where you must whack creatures that come out of different holes. The Powerpuff girls are playing hide and seek inside some open manholes and it is up to Domo-kun to whack some sense into them. There are six manholes that are arranged in a circle, you must hit each Powerpuff girl as they come out of a manhole. If you miss, a bolt of lightning hits you and you lose a health bar. Lose all your health bars and you lose a life, lose all your lives and it is game over. Make sure to stay in the middle of the screen after you have successfully hit one of the Powerpuff girls, to make it easy for you to reach other manholes since they are arranged in a circle.

After being completely humiliated by Domo-kun, the Powerpuff girls flew away in hope that Domo-kun cannot follow. Fortunately, Domo-kun can fly and he chased after the three delinquents. This is where the second mini-game begins, and it is an arcade style shooting game like the classic Gradius and R-Type series. Domo-kun must first defeat the Powerpuff girls by shooting them down with his multi-shot laser. They are fairly easy to beat since you only need to defeat one of them to trigger an event, plus their attack is pretty easy to dodge. After beating them, they summon a flying mechanical dragon.

This flying robot lizard is a bit harder to fight since you can only damage the head. Study its flying pattern to know when to shoot and when to dodge. Once the dragon is defeated, flocks of flying penguins – Ok, this is getting a bit too random for us, will try to ram you. Create a path through them to face the Powerpuff girls one more time. This time, you must defeat all three of them while they are flying in a circular pattern that increases velocity to the point that you can not really aim at a specific target anymore. Just concentrate on dodging their attacks and just continue to shoot at them.

Once they are defeated, the Powerpuff girls will fall on a car that is currently being watched by Interpol agent Chun Li. Domo-kun must now destroy the car (from Street Fighter 2) for no apparent reason at all. This third mini-game plays a lot like the classic beat em up game Double Dragon. Domo-kun will be aided by none other than Godzilla himself as he tries to reduce the car to a heap of scrap – Ok, right now we are totally scratching our heads with astonishment. The good thing about all of these random fights and encounters is that you find out who the Powerpuff girls are working for. The man behind the scenes is apparently Death Adder, the evil knight from the Golden Axe game series made by SEGA. Domo-kun must now fly to Death Adder’s castle in order to defeat him and put an end to his evil schemes and all this ridiculous random events.

Random Fun for Everyone

Despite all of this chaos and the random appearances from cartoons, anime and videogame characters Domo-kun Angry Smashfest is a real fun game to play. Thanks primarily to it borrowing tried and tested gameplay from some of the most beloved games throughout the history of gaming. Domokun Smack is so amusing to play and watch since the game’s graphics and sounds were borrowed directly from different games. Players will be able to see and recognize characters taken from different game series. Nostalgia will definitely add to the experience of playing Domokun, especially for old school gaming fans like us who have been gaming since the early 80’s and had the opportunity of playing such classic games. We highly recommend giving Domokun Smack a try, even if you are not a fan of classic gaming. We give this nostalgic retro game a random score of 81/100.

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