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Death Game

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About the Death Game

In this game all about death you play the grim reaper himself and it is your job to organise the death of each unfortunate human being. By leading each person into a series of accidents you orchestrate their bloody death, from organising a fake suicide with a handgun to slicing several people up in a kitchen, this is the final destination of all games!

Orchestrated death is a very unique and well designed point and click puzzle game with the fascinating concept of death being the main attraction. Some of the puzzles are very ingeniusly designed so that when you pull them off they are really interesting to admire, you will be so fascinated by the series of misfortunate events that you will almost forget that your killing someone. Death is certainly painted as an artform in this game.

The death game received very popular ratings at Armor Games when it came out, now you can enjoy it as one of a series of popular violent games at the number one whacking site online!