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Address: Equitable House, 55 Pellon Ln, Halifax HX1 5SP

Game Copyright Notice

whack it games

Whack It owns the copyright to a total of 5 games - Whack Your Neighbour, Whack the Burglars, Whack the Creeps, Whack the Serial Killer and Whack the Evil Dead Thing.

Embedding our games on your website or using promotional artwork without express permission could leave you liable to a DMCA Violation. To obtain permission to host or use promotional material for one of our games on your website you must obtain permission via the above email.

Host/Portal Link Blocking Software

Please note any portal or host provider which deploy advertising and link blocking software to prevent any links from working properly within our games will void any agreement made to host our game on their website and will also therefore be liable for a DMCA Violation.