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Chibi Knight Game Review

A Sword and Helmet and some really small Armor

Long ago, three monstrous beasts attacked the once peaceful Kingdom of Oukoku. Legends speak of a knight who will rid the kingdom of these horrible vile creatures. A knight did appear one day, but this knight was different. Judging from the voice behind the helmet it is a girl or a guy with a real squeaky voice. We prefer that the knight was a girl though

Chibi Knight is a role playing action game where you play as a tiny heroic knight. You can roam around the Mystical World of Oukoku, interact with NPCs or Non Playable Characters for those who do not speak game lingo, encounter enemies and acquire some spells and magical items needed for your journey. Boots that let you walk on water? That is so cool! And a magic axe that does not cut flesh? Hmmm…

En Garde!!

With the exception of bosses, you will see enemy icons roaming around the map. You have the option to either engage or avoid them. If you choose to engage the enemy, the game will become a side scrolling hack and slash game. Even though you saw only one enemy on the map, you will find out that there will be a lot of them fighting you (2 to 8 enemies, probably more); sometimes they are different types of enemies, though the enemy you engaged on the map will be the strongest one you will face on the encounter.

You move around using the left and right keys; the up key becomes the jump button; and you attack with the A key. Pressing the S key shows the different spells you have. Highlight the spell you want to use using the left and right key. Press A key to activate the spell you chose. Make sure the spell is available and you have enough mana to cast it. Pressing the P key pauses the game.

Experience Points (XP) are rewarded to you every time you kill an enemy. Enemies occasionally drop heal hearts and mana potions that instantly fill up your mana for a few points. You have to be real fast on getting the hearts though, as they float away until they are out of your reach. Once there are no more enemies to kill return to the Main World by walking to either edge of the battle field. You can leave the Battle Mode anytime.

Dying in this game is not much of a problem as there is no life counter, just continue your game if you happen to die during your mission.

Prepare for an Adventure of Miniscule Proportions

Whenever you kill an enemy you gain experience points. An Experience Counter is located at the upper right hand corner of the screen. Instead of gaining a level, the game lets you increase three (3) aspects of your character: Attack, Magic, and Armor once the experience counter is filled.

Attack increases your melee damage output. Your sword changes its appearance whenever you level up your Attack. Invest on this attribute if you like to have a better and easier hack and slash experience.

Armor improves the amount of damage Chibi Knight can receive before she dies. The color of your armor also changes after every upgrade, which is cool since it is like a wardrobe change for Chibi Knight.

Increasing your Magic attribute increases your mana pool and increases the damage output of your Magic Attack. The Magic Attack projectile changes every time you level this skill up. Upgrade this skill if you wish to go heavy on spell casting in your game.

It seems that there is no level cap for your attributes as we kept on increasing it until we finished the game. Increasing your Magic level does not make Chibi Knight learn a new spell though, which is a bit disappointing. You will need to find all the wizards that were hidden all around the world. Find one and that wizard will teach you a spell. You can learn a total of four (4) spells in the game. They are not essential in finishing the game, but it will make the game much easier.

The Story of Chibi Knight and the Three Legendary Beasts

You start your adventure in a town. Beside you is a fountain. You investigate the fountain and hear a fairy’s voice nearby. A caged Fairy asks for your help. But you can not reach the cage that is on top of the fountain. You need to look for a solution; probably if you roam around the Main World and hunt down the first Beast first you will find what you seek. You try your luck in the canyons. Probably it was a good place to look since the townspeople called the first Beast the Canyon Beast.

Eventually you defeat the monster and set the Fairy free thanks to the artifact you acquired from the fight. The Fairy, in return, leads you northward to where the Blacksmith is.

While following the Fairy you will encounter the gigantic second Beast. The Island Beast is in front of you, how could you miss it before?  You will need to defeat it before reaching the Blacksmith. Luckily, when you defeated the creature it dropped an essential item to aid you in finding the third Beast (how convenient!). You proceed looking for the Blacksmith and eventually find him. Grateful, the Blacksmith gives you a magical gift. After which you prepare to hunt for the third Beast beyond the Tower Dungeon.

You discover that the tower dungeon is a maze full of monsters. You need to find the keys in order to reach the room where the three (3) protectors are waiting for you. They are the three (3) Guardians of the dungeon. At the end of the maze you will face the 3 Guardians of the dungeon. They are three knights that you need to defeat in order to move on: the raging Red Knight with its mighty axe; the fiery Purple Knight that twirls around to slice you up with its blades; and the near-invulnerable Green Knight. You have to find a way to defeat them as it is folly to attack them head-on. (Hint: the shields on the dungeon wall.) After you defeat them you pass through a gateway that takes you to what it seems like Hell. On top of a spire you see the third Beast, and the final battle begins.

The third and final Beast is called the Demon Beast. It is protected by a force field generated by three orbs located in different areas of the Demon Beast’s lair. After destroying all three orbs and the barrier you can finally put an end to the Demon Beast’s reign of terror. But even on its death bed it refuses to die. The Demon Beast’s eye is still alive. If you know the books written by the famous author Tolkien entitled Lord of the Rings, you know how dangerous an eye can become. So before it plans to retaliate and turn into a gigantic burning eye on top of a huge tower of doom in the future you finish off the eye. The Demon Beast is dead, finally and the Kingdom of Oukoku is free from the terror of the three Legendary Beasts forever.

Chibi’s Battlecry: Awesome! Sweet! Cool!

Though it can be played using the keyboard, I recommend that you play this game using a controller since the game has that platformer type of game feel. The game is such a fun game to play. It has that Legend of Zelda – a famous RPG from Nintendo, atmosphere when exploring the areas of the game and plays like a side scroll adventure like Rockman – from a popular console game in the 90’s, when engaging the enemies. Get the final spell and you will really feel like Rockman too.

Chibi Knight’s voice is so refreshing that it stops you from being all too serious, it is just too cute. As we said, it has an 80’s console game feel to it, like Legend of Zelda, Rockman, or even Contra. We totally recommend this to young, budding gamers out there. Normally common enemies can be defeated with simple attacks and combos. But during boss fights you need to find patterns in order to win. The boss fights, most especially the Demon Beast, has a huge Rockman feel to it, since one false move results in a world of pain. You can only afford a handful of mistakes or you die and will then have to redo the whole fight again.

BomToon's Chibi Knight is so short that you will be craving for more once you have finished it. We played the game for the first time and finished the game in almost an hour and a half. And we took time exploring the place. Even our Legend of Zelda quick game record is longer than this. We hope a sequel comes out eventually, one that can satisfy our taste for a longer hack n slash adventure starring our new hero or should we say heroine, Chibi Knight. Feeling a bit unsatisfied because of its lack of game time; we score Chibi Knight a 75/100.

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