Berzerk Ball 3

What Next for the Geek Beating Game?

We have had the pleasure of playing the first and the second games. The second offered a solid step up in gaming content compared to the first with new additions such as the ability to create weapons using the Blacksmith and plenty more hitters to use with their own strengths.

There were also some mini games and extra ways to help your geek get splattered that little bit further along the playing field so we can safely say Bezerk Ball 2 is a success. But where would Berzerk Studio's take a third game? Well one things for sure, Berzerk Ball 3 would have to contain a serious amout of new content to keep up with the standard set from one to two. Here are some of our thoughts on what could go down well with fan's:

Ability to Customise and Design Your Own Hitting Weapons

The black smith option in number 2 was a great introduction from the developers but items can only be crafted at random you don't actually get a say in what comes out at the other end. Whilst this is refreshing in one way because it's a big surprise the ability to create your own weapons would keep fans hooked for longer. Aesthetic design options as well as assigning attributes to the weapons would be an excellent way forward - although would require considerable work to develop.

Ability to Trade Weapons

Being able to trade the weapons you make in the game would create more of a community around Berzerk Ball rather than the current state of play where each game still feels a bit one dimensional. Gamers would be able to buy and sell weapons with Gamer Gold currency from Gamer Safe.

More Nerdy Outfits

berzerk ball 3: nerdy outfits

Being able to dress the geek in some of his favourite tv series and film costumes would be rather fitting, for example the geek could be dressed in a Star Trek, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings type outfit.

Customise the Look of Your Hitters

berzerk ball 3: customise hitters

We loved the ability of being able to customise the look of your geek in Berzerk Ball 2, now we'd like the ability to do the same with hitters in Berzerk Ball 3. Furthermore allowing gamer's to choose different coloured hair, skin and body types for both the hitters and the geek would be welcomed.

The Geek Strikes Back?

Geeks have always been down trodden on. For once wouldn't it be nice for the geek to get his own back? Allowing you to control the geek and reversing the roles on the hitters would make the geek very happy! The geek would also come with his own collection of weapons such as a giant keyboard, a pc monitor, a star wars light sabre and a star trek phaser.

Of course a lot of these fit the current games direction but perhaps you would like to see Berzerk Ball 3 go in a different direction? Why not leave your own thoughts below...

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