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Sometimes it cannot be avoided: you just want to punch someone and be done with it. We can all relate to this feeling of absolute rage and frustration, but why risk your reputation as well as a brush with the law to satisfy it? If you’ve any desire to vent your frustrations in a violent manner, at least ensure that it is in a way that isn’t detrimental to yourself by having a browse through some of our frustration-busting fighting games. We have the very best fighting games available to go with our Whacking Games collection, so why not unwind with our Hobo series, refine your killer instinct with Muay Thai 2, or deal out some Nuclear Justice in the game of the same name plus 2084. Read on for more detailed descriptions on how to vent your anger in the most entertaining of ways.

Bruce Lee: Enter the Game

bruce lee enter the game

It's not often that an official celebrity has a game developed to such a high degree of playability and quality but it's definately what a legend like Brucelee deserves nonetheless. The kungfu master who brought wing chun (see from East to West is the main star of his own video game, yet another way to immortalise a legend.

This side scrolling beatem up for Android and iOS sees Bruce smash his way through somewhat insummountable hoardes of enemies before facing down a boss on each level. There are 40 levels to fight through plus new weapons to pick up on the way such as his Nunchuku. Even play as Bruce in his iconic yellow tracksuit that represented a spiritual martial artist free of styles. The game is very much modelled on the 1980's arcade classic Kungfu Master.

Download the Game for Android and iOS

Homeless Doesn’t Mean Hopeless

hobo 7 heaven beatem up by armor games

I couldn’t possibly begin an article on fighting games and not mention the Hobo series by Seething Swarm as my top priority. With a whopping seven titles to its name, the Hobo games have followed the life and times of our unfortunate homeless gentleman that always happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time because, well, he apparently wants it that way. For a homeless gentleman, he ever seems too concerned with trying to shrug off the stereotype since the core aim of this outrageous beat-em-up series is to brawl with pretty much anyone that comes into the vicinity, which happens to be pretty much everyone. Our Hobo doesn’t fight clean, either, since the further you fight, the more you upgrade your moves which include foul things like burping, farting, and shooting streams of matter au faecale at your opponent, and even being sick on them should the situation call for it.

You’ve probably guessed by now that the increasingly ridiculous situations of the Hobo series always call for at least vomiting on your opponents and much, much worse. The final game in the series is Hobo 7: Heaven where the hygienically-challenged perpetrator of violence has ended up following his trip to hell in Hobo 6: Hell. By the seventh game, your powers include a halo toss, a shoving move aided by your angelic wings, and golden beams of light shooting out of your eyes and mouth. This is a step up (or technically a step down) from Hobo 6: Hell where your powers are a little more restricted, though you still have almost all of the ones that you do in the heavenly version. Leaping back to the original Hobo, your moves are comparatively limited since times were much simpler then and being sick on someone was almost the worst thing you had in your arsenal. With seven games to get stuck into, the Hobo series is one of the most prolific and indeed the most entertaining fighting games we have.

Karate Games

Karate Master 2 Knock Down Blow

Karate Master 2 Knockdown is one of the best karate games made for PC.

Many games dedicated to the discipline of karate - for PC, Mobile, and also flash-based games - are mere carbon copies of classic fighting games like Tekken, Virtua Fighter, and Street Fighter. However, there are a few games out there at the moment (and have been for some time now) that at very least attempt to break the mould in terms of what they have to offer the okayter. In this short review, you’ll find a pick of the most notable karate games – some for the right reasons, and some perhaps for the wrong ones as well. Expect to see games like the outrageous Karate Blazers as well as the sublime flash-based sensation that is Mad Karate Man among the ranks here, the likes of which will hopefully impress and entertain any avid martial arts fan.

Muay Thai Matters

muay thai 2

Games of a more serious nature are the Muay Thai ones. We have Muay Thai 2 waiting to be played, possessing a training mode for you to get to grips with the bank of moves and a story mode for you to play through. The graphics of the game are distinctive in style with definite Thai influence, and the music matches this perfectly. The game is really a standard beat-em-up but with a hefty quantity of moves that you can perform and also an upgrade system that allows you to earn increases to your strength, Special Bar, and Maximum Power.

Though the illustrations and general look of the game are both on the more basic side, the game’s physics are second to none and making contact with your opponent during each fight feels spot on and as impactful as a fighting game should. Differentiating this game further from its fighting competition is the range of fifteen moves that you can perform by using combinations of buttons in the style of the giants of the fighting game past such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. The existence of special moves also allows you to pack a massive punch provided that you have enough mana to power them. This combination of features makes Muay Thai 2 a clear choice for the serious martial arts game enthusiast.

Brawlin’ Sailor in Black and White

Brawlin’ Sailor

If unique visual style is something you look for in your games, or if you simply prefer the nautical to the land-locked, then Brawlin’ Sailor is certain to tickle your fighting fancy. With graphics looking akin to a moving black-and-white drawing and enemies ranging from small, expendable sailors with a knife to giant, burly boss-like sailors waiting to smash your head in if you don’t do the same to them first, you’re not short of people to beat up in the style of Popeye. At one point fairly early on in the game you get to fight a giant Werewolf on a rickety bridge! Exactly why this is the case and how this is possible I really don’t know, but the game is so simple and simultaneously outrageous that it really doesn’t matter. All you need to concern yourself with is smashing the hell out of your enemies and moving on to the next threat.

Going Nuclear Justice

Nuclear Justice

Playing in full black and white with hand-drawn illustrations can get a little tiresome, however, and I would be a fool to not mention a game whose name is as incredible as Nuclear Justice 2084. Hailing from the skilled hands of the ladies and gentlemen (though I’m guessing mainly gentleman) at Berzerk Studios, this game couldn’t be any more typical of this developer’s style and signature look.

With a barely-existent storyline that involves a burly-looking gentleman receiving a letter informing him that the world, and more importantly the president is in trouble and taking matters into his own hands, the comparatively rich gameplay involves brawling with waves of prisoners  that are trying to take advantage of the chaos and escape. Further echoes of Berzerk Studio resonate in the upgrades system, which allows you to spend cash earned from ending the lives of the evil prisoners on various upgrades to the prison itself and also your capabilities. Though a little repetitive when played for hours on end, Nuclear Justice 1984 is the perfect little game for a few rounds of upgrade-based fun that gets more entertaining the more you upgrade. Nifty.

Ridiculosaurus Rex

Dinostrike Game

We’ve got one more game to satisfy your craving for fighting games, particularly if you were once a fan of the mighty Streets of Rage. Dino Strike is a game that in spite of its unbelievably ridiculous premise is actually quite an entertaining experience. Choosing a male or female character, your aim (believe it or not) is to fight against the enemies which also happen to have taken over a variety of dinosaurs using mind-warping technology that makes them fight against you. If you can find another game that lets you punch a triceratops in the face, then I would love to see it, but in the meantime, Dino Strike is your only source for this kind of ridiculous entertainment.

Its graphics are noticeably stylish, possessing the look of the 8 and 16-bit games of the past and also playing in a similar manner as well. Dino Strike has plenty of brawl-filled levels to offer, so why not give it a shot?