Beat Your Boss 2

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Beat Your Boss 2 is the sequel to the first whack your boss 2 cartoon and features more cartoon violence where you can get rid of the angry boss which is constantly annoying the employee. In this cartoon it's almost as if the boss wants to tramble all over the poor worker and really bring him down a peg or two by highlighting the reductions in pay across the board, his failure to do his job properly and how his project needs to be completely redone.

Your job in Beat Your Boss 2 is to stop this evil boss from bringing down the poor worker. Simply choose one of the twenty objects around your office cubicle to permanently shut the boss up. Here's how the bosses speech goes like if you do not take action and kill the miserable tyrant!...

  • No no no no no, wrong, wrong, wrong
  • It's come to my attention that your not measuring up
  • You'll need to stay late...again...with no overtime
  • Your project has to be completely re-done
  • You can't seem to do anything right
  • Oh, i'm going to have to write you up again too
  • Your just not measuring up
  • That's three more demerits this week
  • Did you get the memo about the pay cut? 10% across the board, we've got to cut back, it's the bottom line you see...and your insurance coupees yeah they're going up, better tighten your belt.
  • We're merging with a bigger company, there's going to be one flavour ice cream, one brand of coffee, one car...there's 20 people waiting for your job.
  • One third of americans work for less than $8.50 an hour, get use to it, be happy with what you've got.
  • You'll have to play catch up on the weekend with no overtime pay of course.
  • Your not meeting your quota, what's that you say? the quota's impossible to meet? duh, here's how it works, I sit in my office, my corner office and I do some simple math. I look at other companies similar to ours, I get stats, I take a knap, I quote some numbers, and if the figures show its only humanly impossible for a person to complete say 10 projects a week, I double it and that becomes your new quota, 20 projects a week, simple, of course that's the whole point, gotta keep you on edge. We'll give you some milarkly about setting the mark high, meeting goals etc, but that's not the real reason, we've got to keep you in fear, fearful people develop low self esteem thus they'llnever ask for a raise, what you want a raise?

Don't let the angry boss torture the poor worker for this long with his speech, take charge of the situation, beat the hell out of the boss and complete Beat Your Boss 2!