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The Guide to Whacking Your Teacher All 17 Ways

WARNING! Don't scroll down any further unless you want to know all 17 ways to whack your teacher!

13 ways to whack your teacher guide
  1. Slit his throat with a pair of scissors after he complains about you taking them out and cutting his tie off. The teacher proclaims 'how dare you, I am ashamed of you!', shut him up permanently!
  2. Use the stapler! Whack your teacher in the face with the stapler dozens of times, then place the stapler on the desk and start ramming your teachers head down into it until it's as bloody and a tomato
  3. The pencil is next, slit your teacher's face, as he says 'how dare you' stab him repeatedly in the stomach until it knocks all the talk and rattiness out of him!
  4. The kettle in front of the desk is next. As you walk over to it you trip up on the floor. Your teacher comes to help you with your grazed knee so now is the time to strike. Grab the kettle and whack your teacher over the head with it. As he falls to the ground hammer the kettle into the back of his head over and over again. Then poor boiling hot water on to his back!
  5. This is my favourite! Grab the insect sprayer from in front of the teacher's desk on the floor, stuff it into his mouth and spray it. As he chokes on the poisonous fumes and goes green in the face punch him in the face to finish him off.
  6. This next one comes in second for my favourite way to whack your teacher. Take a present out of your rucksack and give it to your teacher. As he opens it he lefts off a little chuckle of gratitude. Realising it is a lighter he flicks the flame on and from nowhere you reveal a flammable spray that you spray at your teacher causing a flame thrower effect. You completely burn your teachers face off turning it into a lump of coal.
  7. This next one has to be the most brutal one going out of all the ways to kill your teacher. Here you grab your chair and whack your teacher right in the face with it smashing his teeth in. As he looks on in total shock you whack him over the head repeatedly until he hits the ground. As he reaches over the desk in desperation for the want to survive you hit him again. To make absolutely certain he is dead you place the chair onto of him and climb on top of it. Jumping up and down you extinguish any life left in your teacher.
  8. The plug socket. It's small and maybe many gamers won't come across it as it's highlight is small and could be mistaken for the umbrella. Nevertheless it is a rewarding way to find. Here you pull the plug from the socket behind the umbrella and wrap it round your teacher'sneck. Squeezing tight you begin to choke your teacher and he gasps for air. It's not that much of a struggle around the room before your teacher keals over and dies.
  9. The jar of bees in the top right corner of the screen on top of the book case brings in new animation beyond the still environment. Here you pick up the jar and throw it at your teacher's face causing it to smash all over him. As he plunges to the floor the bees gather around round. Your teacher struggles up from the floor with a bloody face only to realise the bees are there and as they attack him he flees for the windows in desperation! In pursuit of your teacher you run after him and kick him out of the window. Your teacher plunges on to what must be a parked car to horror of the other children.
  10. The book right at the front on the right hand side desk next to the globe is the final way to dispose of your teacher. Here you grab the book and smash it on top of your teacher's hand (ouch!). As your teacher holds his hand in so much pain you walk behind him and wrap the book around his head causing him to fly forward onto the desk. To finish the job you smash the book into the back of your teachers head repeatedly until he is deceased.
  11. The baseball bat is my favourite of the 3 extra ways to whack your teacher. It's located at the front left of the screen directed in front of the kettle. Grab it and swing for your teacher's head. As you wrap it round your teachers face you then go for a direct hit over his balding melon head to send him to the floor. Then you follow your teacher around the office and his crawls for his dear life, you keep hitting him again and again until the baseball bat breaks. Then your anger disapates and all is calm once more!
  12. The varse of flowers in the top left hand side of the screen above the office pedulum gadget looks another good object to use. Here you do a ninja leap onto the teacher's desk and throw the varse in his face. Then you drop kick him to the ground and leap on top of his body stamping down on his head to finish the job.
  13. The umbrella is the final piece to the puzzle! It's located next to the book case under the white board. Here you grab it and run at your teacher like you were a knight on house back with a spear. Thrusting the umbrella into your teacher's stomach you ensure the job is done by tapping the umbrella with your foot. Your teacher spits out blood from his throat with an utter shocked face.

Enjoy using all 17 ways to whack your teacher.