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The Guide to Whacking Your Teacher All 13 Ways

WARNING! Don't scroll down any further unless you want to know all 13 ways to whack your teacher!

13 ways to whack your teacher guide
  1. Slit his throat with a pair of scissors.
  2. Use the stapler to whack him over the head repeatedly.
  3. Stab him in the face with the pencil.
  4. Whack him over the head with the kettle when he tries to treat your knee and then poor the hot water on the back of his head.
  5. Shove the insect repellant sprayer into his mouth and let him sample the delightful taste!
  6. Give him a present, when he discovers it's a lighter and tries it out, use some flammable spray to create a flame thrower.
  7. Grab the nearest item to you...the chair your sat on and smash his teeth in with it.
  8. Use the cable plugged into the wall to strangle and choke him with, his struggle will be in vain!
  9. The jar of bees looks a great way to whack your teacher and is the ninth way to deal with his constant mummerings.
  10. The tenth way in our guide to 13 ways to whack your teacher is to use the big book at the front of the screen on the desk. Beat your teacher around the head with it and smash it into the back of his neck when he collapses on the desk.
  11. The baseball bat at the front of the screen on the left looks a good way to score a home run with the teacher's head.
  12. Charm your teacher with a bunch of flowers delivered to your teacher in a varse right in his face. It's close by and it will only take you a ninja flip on to his desk to reach it!
  13. If you ever wondered what it was like to be a spartan warrior with a thrusting spear technique that matches that of hercules himself, try the umbrella on the left under the white board.

All in all this is a great game for letting out some tension, in particular if your kid who is angry at your teacher who is targetting you in class! Remember kids the name of the game is 'Don't Whack Your Teacher' because although it's fun to play this game on the internet, it wouldn't be a good idea to try any of these ways in real life if you are angry at your teacher. Instead try to talk things over with him or her like a real person would, it's amazing what a bit of conversation outside class can do for building a good and honest friendship with a teacher so they don't bully you in class!