Whack the Demon (in Development)Whack the Demon Game

Our most ambitious undertaking yet, this will the most horror themed of our whack games yet. While Patrick, Lisa and Whisky are enjoying a holiday at a cabin in the woods (yes typical scenario for many a horror movie!), a freak storm disturbs an ancient evil spirit that awakens to claim it's next victims. The only problem for the demon is it's never encountered humans as crazy and fearless as the famous trio!

Blood and Gore Splattered Over a Horror Backdrop

While this chapter may take the series fully into horror, we are passionate about keeping the same volume of blood and gore from the previous games. Similarly the creativity of the kills with remain. While common items may be seen that have appeared in our other games, the way you use these will totally surprise you. Afterall there's more than one way to use a weapon to kill! But don't worry there will also be plenty of fresh items to use and more detail with regards to what exactly those items are.

A Demon with Serious Shift Shaping Capabilities

whack the demon: metamorphic states

The demon the family will have to face has some serious metamorphic capabilities leading to it morphing into some iconic and mythological beings from various folklores around the world, whether that's an Aswang from the Phillipines or a Rokurokubi from Japan. With different shapes comes different weapons and ways to ultimately slay each demon. You will have fun seeing just how adaptable and hideous this evil demon can become.

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Whack the Serial Killer (Released)Whack the Serial Killer

It's definitely the most gruesome game we have ever created so players of the squeamish demeanor may wish to skip Whack the Serial Killer! Kidnapped by a psychopathic killer Lisa, Patrick and Whisky will have to butcher their way through his basement in order to escape his torturous mechanisms. Featuring references galore to many famous movies and some of the most devious contraptions of the middle ages this chapter will shock and delight you if your a fan of movies such as the Saw series!

This game was recently picked up by some big Youtubers, if your looking for the full game with all 20 kills it can only be downloaded exclusively at Steam. It also comes with our first three games in HD for free, that's Whack Your Neighbour, the Burglars and the Creeps. While the flash versions of our first three games are still available to play on our website, as Flash diminishes in performance value in browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, the best way to play them is by purchasing four games in one at Steam. Download all the games here...

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