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Berzerk Ball 2: See How Far You Can Whack the Nerdberzerk ball 2: whack it

If you have ever stepped up to the tee at the commencement of a relaxing afternoon game of Golf and thought to yourself that there just has to be a way to make this game less detestable, then  ‘Berzerk Ball 2’ may just be your one-way ticket to entertainment city. As surely as I know that Golf is most certainly not a sport, I am convinced that Berzerk Ball 2 is the long-awaited reimagining that the game of Golf has needed since it was first conceived of. Swap your nine iron for a machete, your sand-wedge for a blood-stained iron bar, and I don’t ever want to see you using that driver again because there is a perfectly good guitar here waiting to be used as a bludgeoning tool. Launching a loathsome geek of your very own creation over massive distances is more of a sport than Golf could ever be: collect in-game currency and power-ups to further your quest of mindless violence and send the geek packing on a swift, one-man flight to the Republic of Unending Pain and Suffering (a return flight won’t be necessary). This is Golf 2.0, where mercy is weakness and blood comes as standard. .

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We have also written a quick article on some improvements we would like to see in a potential sequel or expansion to the second game. Read our Bezerk Ball 3 article.

Whack Your Bosswhack your boss

One of the first cartoon violence games to become popular online - Whack Your Boss was released on November 16, 2004 on Doodie.com. Originally it featured only a handful of ways to murder your boss. Since then it has expanded to over 20 different ways as more objects have been added.

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View all 17 ways or all 20 ways to whack your boss.

Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree Friends

We happily recommend Happy Tree Friends for those who have enjoyed cartoon violence. This violent cartoon series is not recommended for children under 10 years of age.

Happy Tree Friends comes across as a cute fluffy cartoon which you could imagine a small child watching. At least at the start of the cartoons, which is why it has a cult following. Each cartoon starts off with two or more of the characters having a good time playing innocently together, sitting down for a nice picnic or cup of tea or playing a leisurely activity. However things soon escalate from peace and relaxation to a gruesome and bloody death befalling one or more of the characters. It is this cutsy appearance mixed with ultra violence and shock that has proven such a hit with many fans. Enjoy some the episode's yourself by visiting Happy Tree Friends, just click the link above.

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