Whack Your Boss 2

The Guide to Beat Your Boss in 20 Ways

WARNING! Don't scroll down any further unless you want to know all 20 ways to complete don't whack your boss

20 ways to whack your boss
  1. Use his own pencil.
  2. Slam the file cabinet drawer
  3. Box him him with the power of Mike Tyson!
  4. Whack your boss by tying him up in your chair with your belt and nudging him out of the high-rise window.
  5. Your coffee cup is empty, you can either go grab another cup of coffee or maybe do something else with it...
  6. Those scissors look like they have seen little action may it's time you test their sharpness?
  7. The computer monitor doesn't belong on the desk, see where it belongs instead.
  8. The cabinet above your computer looks the perfect place to start.
  9. Your keyboard has seen enough hammering day and night as you have slaved away for your boss, let the keyboard be on the giving end instead...
  10. There's not been a rainy day for a while so your umbrella could serve some alternative purpose.
  11. It's time to take out the trash, see what happens to your boss when you do.
  12. Please Don't Whack your boss with the staple gun!
  13. The ruler can be used like a ninja star.
  14. Your briefcase makes the perfect breeze block to shut your boss up, its heavy, it's not easy to miss with and its got an awesome grip for the extra power you cannot fail!
  15. In Don't Whack Your Boss who knows what will happen when you take your boss behind the cubicle wall.
  16. That water cooler looks rather tempting and quenching your thirst isn't the only refreshing purpose it can serve.
  17. The coat peg is coatless, make use of it!
  18. Swing for a hole in one with the golf club and show off your pro golfing technique to your boss.
  19. What time is it by the way? Well if you click the wall clock your boss's time will have certainly run out!
  20. Letter openers can look rather intimidating in the hands of certain angry individuals whose bosses shout and curse at them.

Whack Your Boss actually allows you to vent your anger on your boss in twenty different ways. If you didn't that guy in real life would commit suicide to save himself from his boss' tourmenting jabber. Some of these you may have envisioned while others you may not have even considered, but once you start playing the game and whacking your boss, you will definitely stay until you have explored all twenty ways.

The next time you are sitting in your corner of the office, in your cubicle, or wherever your hard working days are spent and your boss has done the dirty deed again, making you redo work, told you that overtime is mandatory, or that you have to work over the weekend, just play this game instead and you won't want to Whack Your Boss.

As the game begins, you are working diligently on your computer, when the "boss" walks into your cubicle and begins putting you down and telling you all kinds of bad news. Now, you can control the employee in the cubicle. Look around the office and find items to use to whack the boss. You will be amazed at the various things around the office that can be used and the end result of the smallest item.

As you listen to the boss babble and move your cursor around the black and white office, certain objects will light up. These are the items you can use on the boss. When you click on the item, the employee will grab that object and use it on his boss. Each object is of course the way to end a boss and employee relationship fast, but you can only do these in your mind or you will find yourself in a mental hospital or behind bars.

Let's explore a couple of the 20 ways you can whack your boss. The trash can looks like a nice one. You grab it and use it on your boss, he yells, "You're fired". You use it again repeatedly and he states, "I am going to have you arrested." You carry on until your boss quitens down and ceases talking for some reason?! Now, grab the iPod, put in the earbuds and relax. Next, click the cleaner and watch the man in dark clothing clean up your mess. Oh, no, here comes your boss again!

Enough, Enough! I cannot stand listening to his nasty voice putting me down. Grab something and shut him up! Don't Whack Your Boss 20 ways now! Maybe your chair, the clock on the wall, the stapler, or whatever you can get your hands on. There are more objects to use to whack your boss. Keep exploring until you uncover all twenty ways to whack your boss or until you do not have the desire to put your boss six feet under.

The next time, your boss seems to be grinding your last nerve or your job seems overwhelming and you feel like doing you maybe shouldn't, visit Don't Whack Your Boss 20 ways and enjoy playing through the innocent scenarios in a make believe cartoon. Use as many ways as it takes for you to become cool, calm, and collected, then go back to work, and remember the cleaner will do the rest.

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