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A side scrolling fighting game with plenty of blood, guts and action - Polar Bear Payback is the ultimate polar bear game on the web. You can compare the free play fighting to the likes of Hobo and many other side scrolling beat em up titles. But this game has a better concept and you actually feel more like ripping the humans apart because they are out commiting terrible acts on innocent creatures - where as in many other fighting games the aim is a little less convincing.

Your task is therefore to eliminate the entire human presence off your icy lands and then take the fight into their city! The game is very difficult which has lead many to downgrade what would have been an excellent rating by all gamers because it really is a very fun and original fighting game. We however still think it deserves to be ranked as one of the best fighting games online because of it's character, humour, blood and guts!

At the end of each level of Polar Bear Pay Back you will face a very tough boss with unique abilities of his own. For example the second level boss likes to vomit projectile right at you and throws dynamtie every now and then. To overcome him you will have to stay near enough to him so his dynamite becomes useless but not too close so he butchers you with his cleaver! Ducking in and out and then landing punches or bites is the right tactic. Also your dash ability will work wonders against him and take a substantial amount of life away. The dash ability can only be used every now and then so the likelihood is you will only get once shot at using it per boss fight so make sure it lands!

The game is also reknown for it's many weapons available with everything from cleavers and harpoon spears to brief cases and guns! This is an incredibly well designed game by Adult Swim and we really find it a joy being able to offer it to our visitors. So take to the ices and get revenge on those nasty humans that like to hunt innocent animals for profit in the ultimate polar bear game on the net.

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