5 Minutes to Kill Yourself 3 Game

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5 Minutes to kill yourself 3 can be thought of as either the wedding, airport or reloaded versions of the game. Reloaded is the first game but with improved animations and expanded ways in which to kill yourself. For example one of the new ways not seen in the original game is to jump onto the solar panels out on the work's rooftop garden where you burn yourself badly as pictured below.

Clips from Kill Yourself Reloaded

Shake 'N' Bake!

Fancy a nice tan? Just jump onto the solar panels...

Kill Yourself reloaded shake 'n' bake

No Pain No Gain!

Ok it's nice to have bigger muscles but not at the cost of having no face left.

Kill Yourself reloaded no pain no gain

No Touching!

Ever been to a museum and wondered why the old guy looking after the place insists you don't touch? Now you know why...

Kill Yourself reloaded no touching

In some ways reloaded is a better version than the original. If your just looking for a fun game like whack your boss where you want to kill someone in a large variety of creative deaths then reloaded is the game for you. The animations really are funny and the variety of ways to kill yourself have been very much expanded upon.

However in other ways it's not as good as the original, for example there are too many 'easy to locate' ways in which to kill yourself. The ways are so abundantly obvious that the game no longer holds a challenge and has lost it's sense of urgency. You would literally have to be blind to fail to kill yourself in reloaded within the 5 minutes alotted.

The wedding and airport versions of the series are very funny but just as easy, we love the circumstances behind why you decide to kill yourself and the short animated storylines give the game a great build up before allowing you to let rip on yourself. You do actually feel the need to kill yourself before the 5 minutes is up which is kind of weird when you think about it.

An official '5 minutes to kill yourself 3' has not yet been made by Adult Swim. If is we will make sure we put it on this page.